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Welcome Fellow Golfers! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope I will have the opportunity to help you play your best golf and better enjoy your golfing experience. Contact me for a fitting and mention something of interest on this site and receive $25 off the purchase of any club or iron set.

Golfers of all levels of ability need clubs that are fit to each individual’s size, athletic ability and skill level in order to play their best golf and fully enjoy their golfing experience. “Off the rack” clubs that you may buy are mass produced for some “typical” golfer which more than likely do not best fit your needs. Good quality clubs to be sure, but you are forced to adapt. Imagine if shoes only came in one size. Ouch!

Each golfer will have the opportunity to test and try out combinations of clubs and shafts to ensure the best possible fit. In my fitting sessions, I use the Spiralock connector system and a Shaft to Swing method (both from Tom Wishon Golf) to match clubs to your individual needs. You have the opportunity to see the results of properly fit clubs before you purchase any club. Prices are very competitive with the OEM brands AND you get properly fitted.

You can reduce your average score by 2-7 (or more)strokes per round with clubs fit for you.

The best golf clubs you will ever own are those that have been matched to your individual size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics. Choice of club length, shaft flex, shaft flex profile, loft range, lie angle, face angle, set makeup, total weight (MOI) and grip size can and should be tailored to you as an individual. Take a look at some of the club areas to the left as I describe how the clubs are made to benefit you. I will be adding links to show some of the club/shaft selections available to you, so check back often as I update the site.

For those of you, both men and women, with slower swing speeds, less than 80MPH, I have a product that will be of particular benefit to you. Please call so I can put one of these clubs in your hands to try so you can see first hand the benefit.

Joe Kobrenski

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