Custom Fitting

If you have stood around the first tee to look at any number of golf swings, you surely have noticed that there are almost as many different swings as there are golfers. Each of us is unique in our size, strength, athletic ability and skill levels.

It makes sense that the equipment that we use needs to be matched to our uniqueness. Clubs that are purchased “off the rack” are a good match to some mythical typical golfer. Only with a custom fit set of clubs can you play your best and fully enjoy the game. Everyone will benefit from custom fitting. The higher the handicap, the more the potential benefit.

A typical club fitting session starts with a player interview and follows with a hitting session to understand your swing and ball flight. I try to understand what your needs are as a golfer so that I can best match up equipment for you. Physical measurements, such as swing speed, wrist to floor, hand size are all made to customize clubs for you. You will be able to hit a variety of head/shaft combinations to get immediate feedback on what works for you. I have clubs and shafts that utilize the SHAFTLOCK connector system to make it easy to put together combinations in a matter of minutes. This proprietary system from Tom Wishon Golf quickly allows you to try a club that matches exactly the club that will be built for you. In some cases, I will meet with a golfer on multiple occasions in order to get an accurate assessment of the golfer and ensure that the equipment works for you. I do not recommend a club until we are both satisfied with the selection.

When selecting custom clubs, you only need to purchase the clubs you actually need. For instance, many iron sets still come with longer irons that many golfers simply cannot hit or the gap wedge is missing from the set. Perhaps the additon of a hybrid or gap wedge will make a huge difference. Proper set makeup is critical to get the most out of your clubs. For those with slow swing speeds, custom sets that include only 7 or 8 clubs may be the best solution.

Maybe you have a set of clubs that meets most of your needs but needs some customizing. This may involve adjusting the length, grip size, loft/lie, etc. Or you may need a club to substitute for those you just don?t (or can?t) hit. It is estimated that 80% of all golfers have drivers that are too long and/or have insufficient loft. Having the length of your driver fit properly will directly result in more on center hits which will lead to lower scores.

When building your clubs, I employ a variety of sophisticated equipment to ensure that the clubs are of the highest quality and made to exacting standards. The name brand clubs you may be currently using are put together without a single measurement in the hopes that the manufacturing process was close enough for you not to notice. Maybe it is, maybe not. And certainly, you cannot add clubs at random times and hope that they will be well matched.

FAST FACT: Whe assembling a set of irons, I measure the shaft frequencies to ensure consistency, measure the loft/lie of each club and adjust to specification, and measure/adjust Swing Weight/MOI to ensure the closest possible match. This requires 50+ measurements.

Fitting for Slower Swing Speeds

Over the years I have fit golfers with slower swing speeds with the 730 model from Wishon. Seniors (men and women) and many women of all ages benefit from the features of the 730. The driver, with its loft of 16 degrees, and more flexible shaft offerings optimize launch and distance. The 6 degree loft spacing between clubs allows for proper distance spacing between the clubs. It also means that a golfer will need to purchase fewer clubs. Finally, as my wife will attest to, having the option of having hybrid irons throughout the set takes away any issues associated with digging an iron into the ground.

I have additional commentary specific to Senior or Women golfers under the tabs to the left of this section.