For all driver fittings, I am using the proprietary Your Fit system to match the correct driver head and shaft to the unique needs of the individual golfer. This connector system allows a golfer the ability to try a variety of head/shaft combinations and obtain first hand feedback. Getting the proper combination of driver/loft and shaft characteristics has never been easier. The 919THI driver (pictured at right) has shown to be a better fit for golfers over their current driver. Based on your swing speed, current ball striking tendencies, physical abilities and improvement goals, I can put together club head and shaft recommendations to suit your needs. I also have a variety of demo clubs available for on course use to ensure your satisfaction.

In addition, I use the S2S (Shaft to Swing) Shaft Fitting System from Tom Wishon Technology to match the golfer with the proper shaft. Based on a golfers swing characteristics (strength, swing speed, downswing tempo and downswing transition) I can match a shaft to your individual characteristics.

Three of the problems that I find with many golfers is that they do not have enough loft in their driver and that the driver is too long for them to hit consistently. Next, is that the shaft is not properly fit for their needs. It is a fact that there is NO standard for the definition of shaft flex. The S, R, A or L on your shaft may mean something different from one shaft manufacturer to another. Buying a driver with a shaft based on a simple letter designation can lead to a poor fit.

All that said, the biggest problem that you may have from an improperly fit driver is that you may have changed your swing to adapt to it. When most golfers hit the range, they spend more time hitting their driver than any other club. If you adapt your swing to manage an improperly fit driver, this carries over to your other clubs as well. Understandably, the driver is a very important club to have properly fit.

Probably the most common fault is an over the top move in the swing that results in a slice. A serious contributor to this is a driver that is too long. Most drivers that you buy “off the rack” are 45.5” on average. Compare that to the PGA tour average of 44.5”. Can the best ball strikers know something about the benefits of a properly fit driver? I suspect that the use of lighter shafts has led to the longer length to keep the swing weight at a point that golfers are accustomed to. I can get the total weight right for you along with the proper length. Also, a lighter shaft may not be the proper shaft for you, especially if you have a quick tempo or a more forceful downswing. Come try a variety of head/shaft combinations and see for yourself.


Available in 9, 11, 13, and 15.5 degree lofts for RH. Lofts and face angle are hand picked and available in +/- 1 degree. Available in 11 degree only for LH. Roll is GRT ensuring the most consistent loft available in a driver.

To learn more about the 919THI Driver follow this link.