FW Woods

Having the proper set makeup of FW Woods is another important area of club fitting. The number one fitting issue I find with golfers is with the 3W. Many people cannot hit this club from the fairway or this is their favorite club to hit off the tee.

This suggests to me two things: one that the loft in their driver is not appropriate and second that the loft in the 3W is definitely not appropriate. Traditionally the 3W is the longest club that a golfer can hit from the fairway. Depending on your swing speed (and other characteristics) you may need a higher lofted 3W. Or maybe your first FW club is a 5W or somewhere in between. In any case, I can help you find the best fit for you.

Many players can also benefit from higher lofted woods (metals) instead of longer irons. Many players could benefit from a 7W or even a 9W.

I offer three FW options that you can try: each one aimed at specific player preferences/needs.

To learn more about the 929HS FW Wood follow this link.

To learn more about the 950HC FW Wood follow this link.

To learn more about the 365PF FW Wood follow this link.