Many golfers have a very good putter. In many cases this putter is 34-35 inches long or in some cases even longer. At least one test has shown that across all handicap levels an increase in putting accuracy resulted from using a 33 inch length putter.

The increase in accuracy was greatest with higher handicap golfers. In addition, tests conducted with a putting robot yielded increased accuracy with shorter putter lengths.

Many golfers could benefit from resizing their current putter. At the same time, consider replacing your putter grip with a jumbo grip. The size of the grip helps take the hands and wrist out of the stroke. The additional weight of the grip is the quivalent of “backweighting” the putter which many golfers have found to increase feel and accuracy. I have tried these improvements and believe it makes a big difference.

Feel free to contact me to discuss whether these changes might be right for you or to try my current putter.