Senior Golfers

With age come reduced flexibility and along with that come slower swing speeds. We’ve all been told about getting into “senior flex” shafts and getting lighter shafts to help regain some of that lost swing speed. Using the S2S fitting system, I can certainly match the proper shaft to not just your swing speed but also other important attributes such as tempo, strength, transition force and release. Using Wishon’s S2S software, I can demonstrate the shaft selection based on your swing attributes. Then, actually trying before buying will give you the confidence and assurance that you have been properly fit.

In terms of driver fitting, it is important to understand that increasing the loft on your driver can add significant yards to your drives. Going to a 13 degree or 15 degree driver can be very helpful.

Set makeup is another factor that becomes important with a slower swing speed. A 5 wood or 7 wood may be the longest club you can hit from the fairway. Adding more hybrids to your set makeup to replace irons may be another consideration.