Shaft Fitting

Selecting the proper shaft for your clubs can be a very daunting task. There are many, many shafts available to a golfer from many, many shaft manufacturers. Trial and error or simply trying something and accepting that it seems to work are a couple of ways to select a shaft. I use a method, developed by Wishon, utilizing a process that matches the 5 key fitting specifications of a shaft to the main swing characteristics of a golfer. During a fiting session, I will identify and quantify the swing characteristics of the golfer and using resources from Wishon find target shafts for the golfer to try. Golfers get to experience the performance that the shaft provides to them.

The 5 key fitting specs of a shaft:

  • the total weight, which primarily determines the totoal weight of the club
  • the overall shaft flex determined largely by the top 2/3 of the shaft
  • the bend profile or distribution of flex throughout the shaft
  • torque or the resistance to twisting
  • the balance point or weight distribution of weight

Swing characteristics that match to shaft selection

  • club head speed
  • down swing transition
  • tempo
  • wrist cock release