Women Golfers

This is a very interesting segment of my fitting experience. Last year, I fit golfers from 4’11” to 5’11”. The range of golfer attributes in terms of strength, athletic ability and so on is quite diverse. And, in my experience, buying a set of “women’s clubs” off the rack means almost nothing in terms of getting a good fit. As an example, one women came to me and asked for a club evaluation. It didn’t take long for me to discover that her clubs were not only too long for her, but also too long for me (7” - 8” taller). But, the clubs were marked as “Lady Petite”.

As in the case with “Senior Men”, many, but not all, women have slower swinng speeds requiring club fitting to address their swing characteristics. I have fit many women with a Wishon set that is ideal for this golfing segment. It features a high loft driver, more hybrids and a club spacing of 6 degrees. This results in fewer clubs in the bag and better distance spacing between clubs.

And is the case with every club that I fit and build, the length and weight (along with many other parameters) is customized to the individual golfer.